What They Say

“The Stella McCartney of hairdressing- down-to-earth, but also very talented and hip.”

The Independent

“Zoë Irwin is without a doubt one of the most exciting stylists and colourists around. Not only does she produce the glossiest and most natural looking blonde hair out there, she leads the way when it comes to trend forecasting and original ideas and concepts too.”

Ms Rose Beer, Beauty Director, Grazia

"I quite simply can't trust anyone else. I cannot imagine anyone understanding hair in the way Zoë does, with a feminine gentleness and sympathetic understanding of what women actually want she can transform you from feeling like a dowdy old frump in to someone who's just stepped out of a Chloé campaign."

Amy Bannerman, Cosmopolitan Fashion Director

"Zoë’s work is inimitable in that her references offer deep knowledge of her craft - historically, socially and culturally. She has introduced the most innovative business movements to the industry; blow-dry 'menus' and salons serving nutritious drinks and food specific for hair health, didn't exist before Zoë. And then she silently moves on to spearhead the next biggest thing - modern techniques such as the now prevalent dip-dye."

Ms Ellen Burney, Features Director, Lula

“Her modern take on everything that is happening within her industry and that of the wider fashion industry has been invaluable for me. Her knowledge is unparalleled and her ability to get that across in the most acessible way is unique”

Ms Lorraine Candy, Editor-In-Chief, ELLE

“Zoë Irwin is absolutely invaluable to anyone who has ever held a hairbrush”

Ms Newby Hands, Harper’s Bazaar

“Zoë has this enviably innate and natural understanding of hair; it’s texture, mood and potential. It’s just a part of her everyday vernacular that manifests itself in sultry, feminine and romantic ways. She’s like the Chloe equivalent of the hair world”

Ms Jodie Harrison, Net-a-Porter

“For subtle, modern hair, there’s no one like Zoë Irwin, who is wildly in demand for photoshoots and fashion shows”

Ms Antonio Wyatt, Tatler

“Zoë is an absolute genius. I totally trust her judgement. She can take one look at a client (at their clothes, shoes, handbag and even the contents on their iPod) and know exactly where they’re going - or wish they could go - with their whole look. Then she does your hair accordingly. She’s without a doubt one of the very best out there.”

Ms Polly Vernon, The Observer

“Zoë is well versed in female mentalism having spent ten years back stage tending every super model worth her strut. This means she is fluent in trend”

Ms Hannah Betts, The Times

As a designer and lover of all things beautiful, it is exhilarating to watch Zoë work. Treating hair as her canvas, she is blending, mixing and toning until your hair is bursting with just the right colour tones and highlights. A true master at the art of balayage.

Maria Black, Jeweller